About the Prologin contest

Prologin is a computer science contest open to all students under 21, organized by the Prologin organization. Our goal is to introduce young students to the world of programming and algorithms, by subjecting them to several conventional problems and exciting challenges. The contest takes places in three stages of successive selection presented in the following sections. Prologin is a nonprofit organization, it is free to enter the contest.

To learn more about the history of the contest, you can visit the history page.

For an accurate time-line of this year events, please see the home page.

1st step – Qualification

The screening questionnaire allows to qualify for regional competitions. It consists of a selection of algorithmic problems of increasing difficulty. It is possible to submit the questionnaire by postal mail or directly on this website.

Registration is entirely free, you only need an Internet access to submit your answers.

Who can qualify?

Any student born in or after 2003, living in Europe, who can understand and write French.

Students from EPITA are not allowed to participate.

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2nd step – Regional events

The regional events allow the 100 best contestants to qualify for the final. The event lasts one day and takes place on a Saturday in January or February, depending on the city. Candidates are divided into various sessions in different examination centers all across France. The evaluation is based on three tests: a written exam on an original algorithmic problem, some unrelated problems to solve on the computer and an interview with one of Prologin's staff members.

Where can I sit for the exam?

We organize the event in major cities across metropolitan France. You can check the nearest location using the map of exam centers.

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3rd step – The Final

The final takes place over three days in Paris, usually at the end of April. Candidates have to program an artificial intelligence of their own for a custom-made game, in just 36 hours. All the candidate submissions are assessed by competing against each other using an automated match-making system. It is also a unique opportunity to meet other computer enthusiasts, in a cheerful and relaxed mood!

How much does it cost?

All candidates are provided with free meals and a place to rest and sleep for the duration of the final. You only have to handle the cost of transportation.

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