The qualification stage

This test typically takes the form of four or five small algorithmic problems of increasing difficulty. This is both to publicize the contest and select candidates with the minimum level required to participate in the next stages. This is also an opportunity to encourage young people, including those who will not participate in the events which will follow, to tackle the various areas about computing that they may not had the opportunity to address so far.

Posters are sent to various schools all over France (high schools, IUT, colleges, etc.). There are sent to former candidates as well, who represent the most effective way to publicize the competition.

Some years, the questionnaire is also published in various targeted computer magazines. For example, for the 2004 edition, 120'000 copies of the quiz were distributed on paper.

Why are students from EPITA not allowed to compete?

Prologin is registered as an association that is part of the EPITA engineering school. As such, members of the school are not allowed to compete in the Prologin contest.