About the Prologin organization

Prologin is a nonprofit organization whose main mission is to develop and organize the Prologin computing contest.

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Contact info

Association Prologin
14-16 Rue Voltaire
94270 Le Kremlin Bicêtre
+331 44 08 01 90

The 2024 team

Valentin Seux

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Prologin is a French “law 1901” organization registered under the sub-prefecture of L'Hay-les-Roses on 2000-08-04.

CNIL registration number: 830039.

In accordance with Article 34 of the “Informatique et Liberté” law, you have the right to access, modify and delete data concerning you. To exercise this right, please contact Prologin using one of the methods listed in the “Contact info” box.

A computer enthusiasts organization

The purpose of Prologin is to enable young computer enthusiasts to meet and compete with one another. Indeed, computer science is still largely under represented in French schools. Therefore, those who practice it are often self-taught and have an individual practice of it. However, any large project requires teamwork. This is why, even though candidates seat the exam individually, the competition should facilitate the exchange of ideas between candidates. To promote these exchanges, the Prologin team tries to design the contest topics so they put forward playful aspects. Meanwhile, everything is done so that participants can and should exchange ideas within a cheerful atmosphere. Combining work and pleasure is therefore a key objective of Prologin.

We want to allow the candidates to take advantage of the competition to enhance their skills. We try to cover as many areas of computer science: artificial intelligence algorithms, general culture, various programming languages…

For the organizers, the competition is an opportunity to manage a team and to organize a event. We must also learn how to communicate effectively in order to make it known to a wider public. Managing relations with sponsors, creating statements and solving both technological and logistic issues are also an enriching experiences for our staff members.

Finally, for all the survivors who reach the final, it is also the opportunity to spend a super crazy weekend with us!

Girls Can Code!

In 2014, Prologin started to organize the Girls Can Code! summer camps. These training camps are the perfect occasion for young girls who are still in middle school or in high school to discover multiple computer science subjects throughout the week. They will learn how to solve problems with algorithms, explore various computer science topics such as network, web development, robotics, microcontrollers, video games and more through practical exercises.

Conferences from exterior speakers are organized for every camp. It enables the attendees to exchange with women working in the computer science industry or in academia. The young girls are sometimes unsure as to what they want to do, this is a golden occasion for them to discuss their education with the speaker, thus helping them for future orientation choices.

Prologin staff is present during the camp to help them debug their programs and pass on knowledge in computer science and programming.

More information can be found on Girls Can Code! website. For any inquiries, please contact us.

Everyone can contribute to Prologin

Contributing can be done in various ways: promoting the event, developing the website and the software architecture for the final, helping during the regional events, contributing in the forums, and so on. We also appreciate your feedback and your suggestions.

We also need your help with the training section, where users can try themselves on a large set of statements. If you can give us a hand, please do: we are looking for new statements (originals or translations of third parties), courses, and corrections. Of course, please contact us before contributing so we can prevent certain parts being done in duplicate.