How to contribute to Prologin

There are many ways to contribute to the organization, on multiple levels:


Many former contestants want to contribute to Prologin usually by writing exercises, but without joining the organization (which calls for further time investment). You can read our public resources to understand how we create exercises for our platform.

If you are interested in helping us creating cool exercises, do not hesitate to send an email at:


Becoming a member means an ongoing investment, not only with exercises, but also on our multiple needs (coming to meetings, helping on logistic, internal tools, etc.). As a member, you can help in domains such as:

  • algorithms: creating written and machine exercises.
  • system administration: maintaining and coding our infrastructure for regional and finals events.
  • web development: for our own websites.
Prologin also has some non-technical necessities including logistics, sponsoring, and communication.

We have a lot to do, hence we need motivated people every year! If you want to join in, or if you have any question, feel free to write to us:

Our internal tools

Whether you are a contributor, member, or simply curious, you can always take a look and contribute to our open source internal tools:

  • camisole: secure online judge.
  • stechec2: AI match maker for the finals.
  • sadm: finals technical infrastructure.
  • iorgen: generate code stubs and problem statements.
  • site: this website.
As an example, Haskell and Rust programming languages have been added by Prologin finalists so they could use it during the finals!

However, there is no need to code or join the organization to help us out. Simply talking about Prologin around you, or displaying our posters in your school means a lot!